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About Us


Paddington Station is an agency that has been established since 2012. We are known in the industry for our big heart and even bigger brand stories, which has helped us win multiple awards.

We take pride in being the only small agency that has been awarded a Gold Presidential Prism Award for PR and Communication Advancement, as well as a Gold Prism Award for Best Small Agency.
Our foundation was built on PR, content, reputation management, and experiential tactics, and over time, we have evolved into a full-service agency.

We are pleased to be a member agency of IAS and a Public Relations Consultants’ Chapter (PRCC) of PRISA.


Taking brands on a journey

Consumers have changed.
Regardless of who your audience is, the way you approach effective engagement and impact has drastically changed over the past decade. Understanding the key triggers and content that resonate with your audience is crucial.

At Paddington Station, we comprehend these triggers, enabling us to create outstanding creative content and impactful campaigns that stand out in the crowded market and ultimately drive results.

Our strategic expertise, best practices, insights, and over ten years of in-house research on consumer profiling put us in an excellent position to take brands on a journey towards success.

Our Values:


Be Brave and Courageous

Hold each other accountable and have the courage to ask the right questions. This is true of our colleagues and our clients.

Speak out — especially when not getting all the info you need, or the energy seems off balance.


Always With Pride

Whether engaged in work or conversation, always deliver your best, whatever your contribution.

And when you walk away, walk away with pride having shown up as the best you can be, and delivered the best you can do.


Be Thoughtful & Invested

Be present in the moment, and be thoughtful and invested in every conversation and every interaction.

Everyone matters.

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